Crocheted Jute String and Cord Basket

Jute String, Cord, and Hook
Jute String, Cord, and Hook


Crocheting is not just about using different stitches to create different patterns and designs. It is also about playing with different textures to achieve different styles.  For this project, I decided to mix and match Jute and synthetic Cord to crochet a basket.  The jute string I’m using is rough and hard, whereas the cord is smooth and shiny. I want to create a basket with a traditional feel but with a modern twist.



The jute string is not only rough but also uneven. The naturally uneven string gave the basket a raw, but exquisite look. On the other hand, the cord color I chose was hot pink. The cord’s shiny texture made the hot pink even more chic—and hotter. Combining the two created the perfect combination that I was aiming for.

Jute String and Cord Basket

I love experimenting with different yarns and strings. Each type of string and yarn has a different drape and feel. Combining them creates a playful mixture of textures. A simple design becomes stylish depending on the color and yarn texture that you choose.

Jute String and Cord Basket photo3

I was not able to make a pattern for this, but I just made a basic crochet round using (x) single crochet (US)/ double crochet (UK) stitches. I crocheted a circle as the basket base using the jute. After I achieved my desired size, I crocheted one round upwards (meaning I just crocheted with the same number of stitches for the next row) using the jute. I locked and secured the last jute round and switched to cord using the same hook.  I just added more rows with the cord without increasing or decreasing the stitches on the next rows.  I then switched back to jute to put a jute lining on top of the basket.


Have fun mixing and matching your yarn and strings! ❤

Jute String and Cord Basket photo 4

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