About Me

Me paragliding in Bontoc, Mt. Province.

Welcome to my online space where I will share with you my various interests.

I’m Gale, a Crocheter, Crafter, Traveler, and Researcher from the Philippines. I grew up in a coastal area in Bikol Region in Southern Luzon—a usual route of typhoons. I enjoyed strong rains, gales (heehee, I know, I’m so vain like that), sunshines, and the sea in my childhood. My lullabies are the sound of waves that I used to hear from my bedroom. Now, I’m based in Metro Manila—trying to enjoy the perks of city life amidst the pollution and fast-paced life.

I’m a Qualitative Researcher and Development Worker who chose to pursue my passions away from the traditional career path and social ladder. Some call me a dreamer, but I do not just dream—I struggle to create and live my dreams.

I also create thousands of tangles with my hands and hook to realize my visions through my art. With crochet, I turn strings into pretty things. I also travel to learn and enrich myself, and of course to enjoy nature and mankind’s creations. Thanks to my research and development jobs, I was able to travel more. There are a lot of useful things and lessons I learned from my fieldworks—from knowing people in the community to understanding their culture and history. And so, I want to travel more and more, sans the technical paper writing. Hehe.

Let me share with you the little sparkle of hope that I see in life.