About Me

Me paragliding in Bontoc, Mt. Province.

Welcome to my online space where I will share with you my various interests.

I’m Gale, a Crocheter, Crafter, Wanderer, Foodie, and Researcher/ Ethnographer from the Philippines. I grew up in a coastal area in Bikol Region in Southern Luzon—a usual route of typhoons. Rains, typhoons, gales (heehee, I know, I’m so vain like that), sunshines, and the sea are part of my childhood. My lullabies are the sound of waves that I used to hear from my bedroom. Now, I’m based in Metro Manila—trying to enjoy the perks of city life amidst the pollution and fast-paced life.

I create thousands of tangles with my hands and hook to transform yarns and strings into different pretty forms. Crochet is a great therapeutic hobby and creative outlet, but it can also be draining when you sell your art in the context of capitalist system and turn your creativity to cheap labor.

Thanks to my research and development jobs, I was able to travel more and immerse myself in different cultures. My field visits in different places always showed me  that people in communities, no matter what their status are, have wealth of knowledge that we can learn from. So I try not only to enjoy their food, language, and culture, but also to learn from their history and struggles.

Let me share with you the little sparkle of light that I see in life.