All the crocheted products here are handcrafted with love. I only use plant and synthetic fibers, except for milk and silk yarns.

Crocheting is a tedious artistic expression. Crafting every piece means shaping a string into chains and loops to make a certain piece. So every crocheted purse or bonnet you see here is made up of thousands of loops and chains—and those were carefully done using hook—and my hands.
I skilfully twist and loop strings for it to become another beautiful thing—bag, shawl, hat, etc. From simple strings, another form is made.

I price every item based on the expenses for the materials, the difficulty of the design, and the hours I spent to crochet the item. 
Please note that there are different kinds of yarn—cotton, acrylic, rayon, milk, etc. Different kinds of yarns have different prices, and even yarns on the same category also have different prices depending on the brand and quality. So that means that two items with the same design could have different prices if I use different materials.